Live streaming of real software development plus a blog.

Not a demo.
Not a technology preview.
Watch and learn how software development works in the real world

Live product development of an integrated collection of apps for Windows desktop, Mac OS, iOS and Android as well as a fully-featured web app. You'll be able to interact with the developers, ask questions and see the tools and techniques they use to create the whole product from start to finish.

    We'll be covering:
  • Planning
  • Use of GitHub and source control
  • Time management and focus-enhancing techniques
  • Screen design
  • Creating multi-platform apps to target more than one operating system
  • Cloud storage of data
  • Authentication including two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Web design of accomnpanying web site

You'll be able to join in and we'll tell you where to get the tools we're using.
Join us, hang out - let's code together!

Read all about it on our blog: