Will December be as busy as November?

So… best laid plans and all that jazz. I did intend to do some streams in November and a few articles but, life being what it is, this didn’t happen, at least not on my blog here although you can catch up with some Embarcadero sessions I appeared on last month.

I am offensively busy with some pretty intense coding at the moment. Pandemic or not I am pleased to say things are doing OK. I know that’s not true for everyone.

In my 38+ years as a professional developer I’ve seen and worked at everything from start-ups which were an inferno of blazing code sessions stretching over several non-stop sleepless caffeine-fueled days and nights, to working at ‘blue chip’ organizations which filed one entire department into one area and another into a hastily-assembled meeting place where they found out we had survived the “refocusing of business direction” and they had not and were consequently out of work as of ten minutes prior to the meeting start.

The first time was in the ’80s. It has repeated itself every decade or so. It never hurts less and, since I have the luck of a leprechaun with two rainbows, I seem to survive those kind of down-sizing decisions and get left with a brutally conflicting sense of relief and sadness as others are slapped in the face by being wrenched from their keyboards and, with it, the code in which they had invested a large part of their emotional and professional well-being, not to mention personal and financial security followed by being discarded, back on a job market, ego crushed, worse fears piqued.

I hope that, if you’re currently becalmed on the Covid seas of despair, things pick up for you soon. {hugs} I can do nothing more than offer you my empathy and, as Roald Dahl would say “think beautiful thoughts” for you.

If you ever need someone to talk to please reach out to me. I might only be able to offer a friendly ear – but sometimes that might help. This time will pass. Things will brighten.

So what DID happen in November?

DelphiCon 2020 happened. DelphiCon was kind of like CodeRage with less rage and more smoothly-targeted sessions using the new session managing software Embarcarcadero have recently used for a few things. Nearly everyone who took part – with the possible exclusion of myself – has at least one book published or well-loved products they curate. They were all bang-on useful sessions which I enjoyed as a viewer as well as a participant.

In particular I took part in the DelphiCon 2020 VCL panel

You can catch the official replay of the VCL session session here:

I’m also taking part in a brand new session next week, December 16th – “Powering The Web with Intraweb and TMS WEB Core“. This is an information-packed session where representatives from TMS Software and AtoZed, as well as myself, are going to show off how to EASILY create some truly powerful web apps targeting straight-forward web servers, Electron apps, progressive web apps (PWA) and other such delights. I’m going to show you a web app created with TMS WEB Core and written in Delphi which I’ll then recreate as a stand-alone cross-platform Electron App in less than five minutes and, just for good measure, a PWA which can either run in your browser, connected, or can run disconnected and stand-alone on your machine or mobile device; once again, in less than five minutes.

Heady stuff.

You can register with the official Embarcadero link here:

Fluent UI

I haven’t forgotten about the second part / follow-up to the Fluent UI session either… I have just been completely flooded with ‘the day job’ writing Delphi code every single day. I have a plan. Hopefully it will be of the best laid kind and, bucking the trend, will happen shortly!

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