“Espresso sized” user interface design replay

I’ve been invited just recently to appear on a few webinars to regale people with thoughts about user interface design. As Stephen Ball said during his introduction of me, I’m a bit of a user interface design geek really. I’ll blog another time about the longer Embarcadero USA TCoffeeAndCode event I appeared on as a panelist which was a two plus hour festival of Very Good Things.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the replay of the shorter “espresso-sized” (as Jim McKeeth described it) TCoffeeAndCode UK edition hosted by Stephen Ball. With us was Dr. Holger Flick, fellow Delphi MVP and product evangelist for TMS Software. These events are a lot of fun and they’re held using GoToMeeting so I get to see the faces of attendees if they have turned on their cameras.

I’m sorry about my flock of birds tweeting quietly in the background. The Covid-19 pandemic means I’m in the next room from the 15 parakeets and our beautiful parrotlet. Like most things I’d normally be in a cozy office where their squeaks will not be picked up by the mic. although some people said they find it comforting!

Anyway, on to the next event. Exciting things are coming!

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