TCoffeeAndCode full panel with some great guests

TCoffeeAndCode US Panel

After yesterday’s post with the replay of the “espresso-sized” UK TCoffeeAndCode panel I was on – here’s a link to the bigger, fuller, calorie-laden USA TCoffeeAndCode panel.

This was a great panel to be on and it was pretty cool to be among such illustrious company. Guests on the panel were

  • Marco Cantu,  Delphi & RAD Studio Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies.
  • Anders Ohlsson, Senior Director, Software Engineering at Wide Orbit Inc.
  • Dave Akerman, an excellent Delphi and FreePascal programmer (and the only one among us to own a Tardis)
  • Zach Briggs, Delphi MVP and actual Delphi Mystic (but I know him as Dungeon Master – don’t ask)
  • Host Jim McKeeth, the man who brought us all “swipe to unlock” and now is Overlord of All Things Delphi. Jim did a marvelous job of keeping us all corralled and as on-focus as TCollection of Delphi Programmers can be. ?
  • Oh and me!

We talked about a great deal of things and there were some absolutely fascinating insights into things like near real-time processing data of data on a massive scale and even Delphi’s role in the latest Mars Lander.

It’s a long one – around two hours or so – but it’s totally worth it.

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