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Have you watched any of the TCofeeAndCode series yet? They are informal discussions ranging from 30 minute lunch-time “espresso sized” ones to two hour (or more) full discussions. Being the media darling that I am I’ve been a guest on a few of these. I’m also on one later today – Wednesday 21st April 2021 – where we’ll being discussing security issues and best practices for developers and dev-ops people.

Here’s a screenshot from a previous TCoffeeAndCode

TCofeeAndCode screenshot

TCoffeeAndCode is not quite like the usual webinars – it’s pretty much unscripted and you can actually join in the discussions. In some of them we can even SEE your face and HEAR you if you enable your webcam and have a microphone or headset!

Here’s Jim’s post about the current TCoffeeAndCode series

You can register to watch the entire series – and get notified of the replays if you can’t make it by clicking the link to visit Jim’s post and then following the registration instructions on there.

Here’s a blog post by Embarcadero’s Stephen Ball to accompany one of the previous TCoffeAndCode ‘espresso sized’ discussions including one on user interface design I was on.

TCoffeeAndCode replays

You can watch a few of the replays here: and catch the others on the official Embarcadero YouTube Playlist:

Please join us if you get a chance, it’s a lot of fun.

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