When you have friends

I know a fair few people in the Delphi world and I’m fortunate to call several of them my friends. It’s nice to hang out online with fellow like-minded developers and it’s doubly-handy since we often swap ideas about tricky stuff we’re stuck on. Generally one of us has something useful to contribute which can help unstick the stuck code. We’re not turning up at each other’s doorsteps with cakes and cookies but we’re techies anyway so that sort of stuff would be odd even without a global pandemic.

We hang out in a group where it’s a safe space to chat about things that we might not always want to waft into the air at a webinar or website. Nothing too dramatic, but it’s good to have somewhere like that. I’ve mentioned people like Holger Flick before since we often crop up on webinars together but there are others, all of whom are top notch. I find the more I put into my support of the Delphi language the more I discover some truly great people beavering away, all of us with the same shared purpose, often in very different ways, sometimes different countries. We’re all on the same page when it comes to Delphi and RAD Studio though.

We’re also fundamentally a very like-minded bunch – geeky, into things like Star Trek, LOTR and we even discovered today that a few of us are into the movie War Games, partly as a result of me posting pictures of myself, from a few years ago, wearing a T-shirt saying “how about a nice game of chess” while I was standing next to the press podium at Strategic Air Command where they would have announced the beginning of a global thermonuclear war.

Yes I am that War Games geek…

Today a gift arrived curtesy of one of those Delphi folk: Zach Briggs. He sent me an official Delphi Mystics coffee mug. It is enormous, as it should be in order to adequately fuel a professional software developer. ?

Quality stuff. Thanks Zach… and thanks to the Trekkies, Holger and the others who keep me sane whilst I knock out program code; you know who you are.

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